getting through the first day of kindergarten

getting through the first day of kindergarten

Benefits Of Attending An All-Girls Catholic High School

by Lilja Murto

High school lays the foundation for your future success. High school is the time when many teenagers discover who they are and what they want to do with the rest of their lives. Well, attendance in an all-girls high school conveys many benefits, as does attendance in a Catholic school. When you combine the two, you get increased advantages.

Strong Academic Skill

Girls who attend an all-girls school often display more academic engagement. As researchers have shown, that engagement leads to stronger academic skills. Indeed, girls at such schools usually feel challenged to the point of achieving their full potential. They develop strong work and study habits that serve them well as they move farther along in their education.

Inspirational Environment

The same-sex nature of an all-girls school helps drive the pedagogy for educators. They develop core educational paths that are tailored to how girls learn best. So, girls in these schools feel more comfortable with the learning style. This tailoring of the pedagogy also creates an environment that's both encouraging and inspirational to the students.

Focus on Spiritual Development

An all-girls Catholic school adds another layer of benefits. The girls will attend regular classes related to faith and religion. The classes help to instill the morality of the religious faith. The school as a whole puts an emphasis on the girls' individual development of their spirituality. This nurturing of their spirituality even inspires them to become leaders within their communities.

Emphasis on Self-Discipline and Commitment

In the Catholic school, the educators and administrators lay a foundation based on self-discipline and commitment. They model the behaviors that lead to success. The educators also place emphasis on the value of homework and study. So, the girls function in an environment that shows them ways to commit to their studies, thus leading to increased success.

Culture of Service

One of the tenets of the Catholic religion is a commitment to the service of the others. Nuns run many of the classes in all-girls Catholic schools. Nuns have dedicated their lives to the service of the church and the community. What's more, many Catholic schools incorporate service into their curriculum. Therefore, the girls become engaged in the culture of service.

Foundation for Leadership

The leaders within an all-girls school are usually women. So, the female students grow in a unique environment in which they have many role models for women leaders. What's more, that sense of morality and value that the girls learn from the Catholic portion of their education further instills leadership qualities in them. They usually graduate and eventually take on leadership roles.

Reap the benefits of better education by enrolling your daughter in an all-girls Catholic high school. Learn more about enrolling in an all-girls Catholic high school by contacting one in your area.


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getting through the first day of kindergarten

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