getting through the first day of kindergarten

getting through the first day of kindergarten

Private Versus Public Schools: Aspects To Consider When Your Kindergartener Has ADD?

by Lilja Murto

If your son or daughter has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), their elementary school years are even more important than they would be otherwise.  Therefore, choosing the most appropriate school is more important as well. If you are still deciding between a public and a private school for kindergarten, there are several facts about both that you need to consider.

#1-Consider The Modifications Your Child Needs

You probably already know that ADHD is a biological condition that impacts up to 5% of children. Once the diagnosis has been made and both medication and counseling are being used, it is necessary to speak with the school.

Because public schools receive federal funding, they are required by law to allow modifications for any disabled children.  Since ADHD is a disability, your son or daughter will have modifications to help them learn   

The problem in many public schools is often overcrowding. Even with a great teacher, a class of 30 students cannot be expected to learn as much as a class of 15 or 20. As a result, modifications are not always adhered to as they should be or inappropriate modifications that do not help your child are put in place.  

For instance, your child may be seated next to the teacher when they really need to have assignments in writing. Alternatively, they may be allowed time in class to do homework when they really need extra time on tests.

#2-Determine What Type Of Learner Your Child Is

It will be helpful to know that evidence suggests that 80% of boys are visual learners. There are twice as many boys living attention deficit disorders, which means that teaching visually may help kids learn better.

Unfortunately, larger classes in public school means that it is not always possible to change teaching methods. In a private school, which typically has smaller classes and more individualized learning, your child is more likely to blossom.  

#3-Communication And Parental Input Are Usually Common In Private Schools

Every year, most schools have a back-to-school night soon after school starts. This gives you the opportunity to meet the teacher, discuss concerns and mingle with parents. Unfortunately, in many public schools, that night is the only time you can do so, except for the parent-teacher conference.

Private schools are different in that the parental groups are often more involved. In addition, parental involvement is expected and encouraged. During the first year of school, knowing what your child is learning throughout the school year is essential.  You cannot be expected to help your child learn if you are not provided with adequate information about what they are doing. By integrating classwork into conversations at home, more learning is accomplished.

In conclusion, choosing between public and private kindergarten for your child with ADHD is a major decision that could impact their education for many years. By choosing the school that is most appropriate for them, you are giving them valuable skills. You are also showing them how important their education is to you, so if you are still unsure, speak with a quality education private school in your area. 


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getting through the first day of kindergarten

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