getting through the first day of kindergarten

getting through the first day of kindergarten

How to Prepare Your Child for Boarding School Roommates

by Lilja Murto

Change is always going to come with challenges, and the best way to be proactive in lessening the stress of change is to be prepared. Whether your child is preparing to attend boarding school in your town or far away, help your child plan for rooming with a stranger. If you help your child in the right ways, that stranger will more easily become both a friend and a roommate.

Role-Play with Your Child

A child may be scared or unsure about how to approach conversations with a new roommate. Let your child practice by going over imagined scenarios with you. For example, you may pretend to be a roommate who is really quiet and then prompt your child on things to say to someone who is not good at making conversation. You may also choose to pretend to be a kid who is doing things that bother your child and go over possible responses a roommate may have when asked to change behaviors.

Suggest Bonding Activities

Be sure to talk to your child about how their roommate is probably as eager to make friends as they are. Both kids may actually end up wanting to be friends with one another, but it can be difficult to start a friendship. Defuse possible tension by giving your child these suggestions of possible activities with the roommate:

  • Board games: Pack a couple of your child's favorite board games that require two players. That way, your child can suggest a game, and he or she and the roommate can start opening up to each other while playing. (If your child is very competitive, you may want to skip this idea.)
  • Question games: Teach your child to play a couple of question games and suggest that your child invite the new roommate to play a couple of them. Question games enable kids to get to know each other in a low-pressure environment.
  • Books: Encourage your child to pack their favorite books. They may opt to share them with the roommate, and the two can then discuss the book as part of their own little "book club."

Consider Your Child's Unique Needs

Keep in mind that other ways of preparing your child for a roommate at boarding school will depend on the personality and preferences of your child. Whether you're considering military boarding schools or private boarding schools, a shy child will need extra encouragement when it comes to socialization. On the other hand, a born leader may need a few tips on dialing it back a bit to ensure that the roommate gets attention, too.

Finally, always keep a positive attitude when you are talking to your child about boarding school. Kids will take their cues from you when it comes to attitude and feelings about the new situation. By presenting the upcoming school experience as a grand adventure, you can inspire enthusiasm for learning and an optimistic attitude in your child. That will help guide them as they adjust to the new roommate and a new school. If you're currently searching for a boarding school for your child, contact a representative from an establishment like Admiral Farragut Academy.


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getting through the first day of kindergarten

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