getting through the first day of kindergarten

getting through the first day of kindergarten

Tips To Keep Your Child Successful In School

by Lilja Murto

Every parent obviously wants their child to succeed in school. But transferring your wish for your child to actual success in a classroom can be a tricky thing. You want to keep your child focused, but you don't want to push too hard and risk burning them out or making them resent you. To that end, here are some tips that may help keep your child successful in school and put them on the path towards success in life.

You Can Start a New Habit at Any Age

If you could draw up the perfect school plan for your child from the very start, you would want them to start a homework routine at the same time every day. But if your child being older doesn't mean it's too late to help them develop good habits. Even a teenager can turn over a new leaf when it comes to being a student. Try to encourage your child to get into a schoolwork routine on a daily basis, and with a little luck, they may eventually just start doing it on their own without you having to tell them.

Ask, Don't Tell

You might not be a teacher yourself, but that doesn't mean you can't create teaching moments for your child as they go over their schoolwork with you. If your child seems confused about something, don't just give them the answer. Ask them a question that will force them to think about the concept in a different way. You can guide them step by step this way, gradually leading to the answer but still requiring them to actually think and do the work. A parent that holds his or her child's hand too tightly during the learning process is not allowing that child to develop the cognitive, troubleshooting skills that everyone needs later on in life.

Be Enthusiastic Yourself

If your child actually enjoys talking about what happened at school, don't just nod your head at them. Ask questions designed to obtain follow-up information and let your child know you are genuinely interested in what is going on during their school day. Not every school day is going to be as interesting as the others, and there might be days when your child isn't as interested in talking about school, but remain engaged and let them know you want to hear more about their day.

Reach out to your local schools and educators today for more tips on how to keep your child interested and successful in the classroom. 


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getting through the first day of kindergarten

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